First Mosquitos - 1971

These are the first two Mosquitos built by Robert Moss. ABW5J is now in France while Q44JJ0 is still in Oxfordshire.

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Q44JJO has been built in 1971, using Robert Moss firm’s Mini van as the donor car.
This Mosquito is equipped with a 1275 cc modified Cooper S engine. Robert said it was very fast.

I’ve been told that Q44JJO was the very first Mosquito to be built by Robert Moss but other source indicate that it’s ABW5J.

I'm in touch with Robert W., the owner. Thanks to Robert, I got others informations about the Mosquito history that confirm some other informations I had before.

We can notice many similitudes with  ABW5J but Q44JJO has two aero-screens.

Q44JJO is registered as a Mosquito but was built by Kim Argyle. I’ve been told that 4 Trimin were built by Kim Argyle. I think (maybe I’m wrong) that Q44JJO is included in the 4 Trimin.
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Morris Mini Mosquito



Kim Argyle




1275 cc


1275 cc


Robert W.