Trimin - 1971

Trimins were built by Kim Argyle. He built 3 Trimins, including a single seater version in order to attempt a land speed record. All Trimins have been located.

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This Trimin is owned and has been built by Kim Argyle. It’s a single seater version built with the idea of attempting a land speed record. I’ve been in touch with Kim Argyle’s son. He should give me more details about it and send me some pictures.

I don't have much informations about this Trimin. If you have infos or pictures, please send me an e-mail.

Name on V5

Chassis number

Built by

Date of first registration

Actual registration

Original registration

Original engine

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Number of previous owners

Actual location


Not registered

Kim Argyle

Around 1970

Not registered

Not registered

J. Webber


Single seater