The Mosquito: from Owen Greenwood to Robert Moss

In 1971, a sports cars enthusiast from Kidlington, Robert Moss, inspired by Owen Greenwood’s car, designed the Mosquito, powered by a Mini engine (ABW5J).

In the same period, Kim Argyle, built three more cars, quite identical to ABW5J. Those few cars were named «Trimin» (GOM666D, AJB783B and a Single seater version). The single seater was built with the idea of attempting a land speed record.

Then, a few years later, after a few modifications, Robert Moss decides to put the Mosquito into production. At this time, we’re in 1974 if I’m well informed. I’m told that nine Mosquitos were built by Robert Moss.

Anyway, I ignore if those nine Mosquitos include or not ABW5J. A four wheeler prototype was even built but the project didn’t succeed. I have no idea of what happened with this prototype but I was told that the front end was used on CWL128R to replace the original one after a collision. The production is stopped after those nine Mosquitos, moulds are stored, the project is over.

A few years later, by 1984 - 1985, a motortcyle shop of Hereford, is interested by the project dropped by Robert Moss a few years earlier. This shop, Mead and Tomkins, is a family business that Robert Moss knows very well. He sells them the jigs and moulds and all the necessary bits for the production of the Mosquito. The project starts again.  

New moulds are realised and one mould will be modified to fit Mini MkIII rear lights instead of Mini MkI lights. Another mould is modified in order to use a rear window from a Mini as a windscreen, instead of a specific windscreen. Only one Mosquito is known with this windscreen.

Those moulds are now the property of Emilien’s father, a French friend who collects Mosquitos, as I do. At least, I have no idea about how many moulds have been made.

During this period, only four or five Mosquitos will be built. Mine is built at this time, in 1985 (Q639FAD). The project will be stopped again very soon. In the early 90’s, Mr Tomkins is killed in a car crash while he was on holiday abroad.

A few years later, two three wheelers’ enthousiasts and especially Morgan’s enhusiasts, Rick Jones and Ian Browse, buy the moulds and create « Malvern Autocraft ».

At this time, the Mosquito is modified. First, the name Mosquito is replaced by the name Triad. Then, the bodyshell is retouched. In fact, the Mosquito’s body was composed of several elements bolted together. The Triad’s one will be in one piece.    

So, after a few modifications, the Triad production is launched. Two models are proposed for sale: the Triad Sport and the Triad Warrior. The Warrior is also named Warrior Sprint or even Triad Sprint.

The Triad Sport is very close from the Mosquito, apart from some minor details. Technically, the rear suspension is modified. The exterior is also modified. The boot is modified and the spare wheel can now be seen from the exterior. The hood is also upgraded and the rear windscreen is no longer used on the Triad.

The Triad Warrior (or Sprint) represents the sport version of the Triad production. He’s destined to hillclimb races. Therefor, the Warrior is lightened to 375 kg on the balance! The warrior has a hard cover on the passenger’s side. With that, it’s a true sports car.

At least, 9 Triad were built between 1992 and 1993. The production was stopped in may 1993. Those Triad are composed of mainly Triad Sport and only three Triad Warrior.

At the moment, a few Triads are missing in my census report but I don’t despair to find them all! So if you read this text, if you have some interesting informations to give me or if you own a Triad, please send me an e-mail.